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Utopia Agogo Pattaya

*Utopia has renamed itself to Upstairs Agogo Bar in November 2012.*

Utopia Agogo was originally opened in 2008 then closed and finally re-opened by the new management team in February 2011. It is located on the upper floor of Utopia Rock House in Soho Square, off Walking Street.

Utopia Agogo Pattaya

There are three dancing stages, dancing cages, and a jacuzzi inside. The seatings are not so comfortable as the bar is quite narrow and the space is not used properly. The dancers and hostesses are quite friendly; some of them are truly girls and some of them are ladyboys.

Drink prices are quite normal standard of Walking Street, happy hours is during 8.00 to 10.00 PM; draft beer starts at 45 baht, bottled beer at 120 baht, soft drink is 90 baht, and dancer drink is 130 baht. The bar is open every night from 7.00 PM till 3.00 AM.