Hotels in Pattaya

Tiger Agogo Pattaya

Tiger Agogo is located on the upper floor at the entry to Soi diamond on Pattaya Walking Street, pretty next to Shark Agogo as they share the same walkway. It is hard to miss as there is a giant blue sign to distract you from walking along the street.

Tiger Agogo Pattaya

When you go inside, you see a long central stage with bench seating around and small dancing tables for the dancers to entertain you closely. Speak of the dancers, though they are not the real stunners or most beautiful compared to other gogo bars on Walking Street, they are good at their job enough to please you if you are not too picky.

Drink prices at Tiger Agogo are at average rates for the area. Draft beer is 70 baht, bottled beer is 130 baht, spirits are 125-140 baht, whisky is 135-140 baht, and lady drink is 120 baht. Anyway, during Happy Hours (8.00 - 10.00 PM), draft beer is only 65 baht same as other gogos.

One special offer from Tiger Agogo is free food on every Saturday night. Well, after stopped by and tried it, we have to say the food is lame and not that tasty but we couldn't complain at all as it was free. However, this is not a big deal as it's not the main reason why we go there, right?

Tiger Agogo is open every night from 7.00 PM until 3.00 AM.