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The Vault Hotel Pattaya

The Vault Pattaya is probably Pattaya's most girl friendly hotel. What's more it is located just 3 minutes walk from Walking Street! The entire hotel and all rooms have been recently remodeled.

The Vault Pattaya

Not only do they not charge you to take your girlfriend back, they positively encourage you to take as many as you like. They do have a strict NO ladyboys rule though.

And the rooms? Well they are just simply awesome. The Flagship Penthouse for example offers:

  • Full eat in kitchen and dining space
  • Remote control jacuzzi
  • Five (yes five) flat screen TVs
  • Stereo, blue ray dvd
  • Internet, computer and business desk

The describe it as "The Biggest, Baddest Penthouse Suite in Pattaya" and no one can argue with that. Whether you aim to be alone or have a party in your room every night (partys are welcome) then the Vault is the place for you. It is primarily aimed at the single male traveller, for obvious reasons, but all are welcome.

If you need to see the proof that this is the BEST hotel in Pattaya, look at the pictures below or visit their website on to see many more photographs,

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