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Sensations Agogo Pattaya

Sensations Agogo is one of the newest gogo bars on Walking Street Pattaya, has just opened it door on February 4th, 2013. It is located opposite to Soi Diamond at the same location of The Cavern Agogo that previously closed in November 2012.

Sensations Agogo Pattaya

The outsider of Sensations Agogo is a bit lame as the signs are not very eye-catching which might be easily missed if you are not really intend to look for it. Anyway, when we stepped in we found it was quite big, deep, and decent. It was packed with loads of people but we didn't feel uncomfortable at all. There were two dancing stages with comfortable seating on each side of the wall. We didn't see any jacuzzi inside the bar and we felt like something was missing. Well, we might get used to going to gogo bars with jacuzzi too much.

On stages there were about 10 dancers on each and the dancers would be rotated every 15 minutes. The dancers at Sensations Agogo were average looking, some of them were real stunners but we doubted they were coyotes. Both dancers and hostesses were pretty, friendly, hassle-free, and that made our night at Sensations was pretty good.

Drinks are quite overpriced compared to other gogo bars on the street so be warned; no draft beer, bottled beer is 135 baht, soft drinks are 110 baht, spirits are 165 baht, and lady drinks are 150 baht. The bar has no happy hours at the moment but we think they should have it ASAP if they want to survive.

Sensations Agogo is open every night from 8.00 PM until late.