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Sapphire Club Pattaya

Sapphire Club is located in Soi 15, Walking Street, Pattaya. It is fast developing a reputation as on of the best clubs and gogo bars in Pattaya.

Sapphire Club Pattaya

There are three floors at Sapphire Club; first floor is a main bar while the second and third floors provide an exclusive VIP suite. The bar run itself by "no-hassle" attitude and low price which allows all customers to have fun without feeling being ripped off.

Beautiful entertainers is one of Sapphire Club's selling points. The club has more than 60 pretty dancers and hostesses to entertain all customers all night and you can pay them back by buying affordable dancer drinks without unnoticed price-raising.

Drink prices at Sapphire Club are reasonable. For happy hours (8.00-10.00 PM), draft beer starts at 55 bath and botted beer is 85 baht. After happy hours, a large glass of beer is 69 baht, bottled beer is 130 baht, soft drinks is only 60 baht, spirits are 120-150 baht, and dancer drink is 135 baht all night.

Thursday parties at Sapphire