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Roxy Pattaya

Roxy is one of the most well-known gogo bars in Walking Street, located near Club Insomnia. With its well-choreographed shows, beautiful dancers on stages, friendly and stress free atmosphere, it's not surprising that Roxy is always full of customers.

Roxy Pattaya

However, recently there are some complaints from many customers that the hostesses and dancers are not very interactive and a little bit choosy as who they approach. Some good shows have been stopped and some cheap drinks have been replaced by more expensive choices.

We decided to visit Roxy to see if those complaints are true and we found most of them are, for example, the show has been really stopped and the cheap beer is no longer available, but the cheapest bottled beer can be found here if you order bottled Leo beer which costs only 85 baht.

On the other hand, we found the complaint about hostesses and dancers are not true. Most of them are still friendly and service-minded as they have always been. We don't see any of them showing bad attitude about choosing customers at all.

In our humble opinion, Roxy is still a good place to pay a visit if you are not so stingy or pessimistic. Roxy opens daily from 8.30 PM till late.