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Naughty Girls Agogo Pattaya

Naughty Girls Agogo is located in Soi Diamond, opposite next to Super Girl. It is one of the most low key gogo bars compare to others on Walking Street.

Naughty Girls Agogo Pattaya

One of the reasons why Naughty Girls Agogo is not popular is that the hostesses and dancers are not quite a good selection. Besides, they do not interact well with customers as they should. The name Naughty Girls and the reality seems contrast in many customers' opinion.

Drinks are on the cheap side; draft beer starts at 55 baht, bottled beer 110, soft drinks 95, and dancer drink is 100-150 baht. However, some guys were overcharged for dancer drink at 230 baht too. We are not sure if that is true but will try figuring out next time we visit there.

Anyway, there is something good about Naughty Girls Agogo as well. It has good center stage and comfortable seating. If you are bored with all those crowded gogo bars and would like to have a quiet moment talking with some ladies. this gogo bar is highly recommended.