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Marine Disco Pattaya

Marine is one of Pattayas most established night club venues and one of the longest running. According to legend it has been around since the Vietnam war days when marines used to come to Pattaya for R&R. Although it is one of the oldest establishments in the town it is no longer at its original location.

Marine disco Pattaya

The escalator and pretty hostesses at the entrance always attract new comers to pay a visit inside where they can see the colorful interior design and fell the friendly atmosphere. As a disco, Marine Disco offers top class light and sound system featuring with great trance, dance, electronic music from famous professional DJs as well as live bands to entertain its customers every night.

Though Marine Disco has been established for over thirty years, it has been developing itself all the time. Its reputation among clubbers is excellent for being professional and friendly, including great at serving all needs to its customers. Another good reputation about the disco is that it is a place where pretty ladies hanging out. So if you are looking for someone to have fun with without any strict rules and regulations, Marine Disco is one of the perfect choices.