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Frog Bar Pattaya

Frog Bar is one of the most popular beer bars located in the New Simon Beer Bar Complex on Walking Street, Pattaya. It is on the right hand side if you walk from Beach Road entrance, difficult to miss as there will be many pretty ladies shout at you and welcome you to sit in. The dancers at Frog Bar is one of its best selling points because of their entertaining skills; that's why the bar always busy while others at the same area are not.

Frog Bar Walking Steet Pattaya

Drinks at Frog Bar are quite average for Walking Street standards; bottled beers are 95 baht and dacer drink is 120 baht. However, we heard that the bar has raised the dancer drink from 120 to 200 baht recently without any prior inform. So be sure to ask the mamasan the exact price before order.

If you are looking for the great place to warm up before crawling Walking Street's bars, Frog Bar is recommended.