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Casnovy Agogo Pattaya

Casnovy Agogo is probabbly one of the most popular gogo bars on Walking Street, opened since October 2007.

Casnovy Agogo Pattaya

The bar consists of eight table dancing stand with sofa and the central dancing stage. The dancers are average looking but excellent at their jobs. There are more than 20 dancers dancing on the main stage for their rounds while some other dancers walk around the bar to please all the guests during waiting for their turns. Jacuzzi show was also available too but we heard that it has been removed and replaced by table dancing stages.

No hassle and cheap drinks are the main policies of Casnovy. Draft beer starts at 60 baht, bottled beer is 80-130 baht, soft drinks are 95 baht, and dancer drink is 110 baht.

Not only beautiful dancers and cheap drinks that makes Casnovy full of customers everyday, the bar is also featured with great sound system and good music - mostly techno and trance. It might be too loud for some people, but for us, we think it is acceptable.